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To give full support to those most are in need and working to change the policies, ideas, practices, and the values that perpetuate the inequality, prejudice and exclusion. More »


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Third intelligence is the social service organization always dream that all the people can live their life with full potential and by partnering with the community to give full support to those most are in need and working to change the policies, ideas, practices, and the values that perpetuate the inequality, prejudice and exclusion.

As we know that there are many social injustices that exist all over the country such as Corruption, laundering, Adultery, theft, prostitution, unfitness in politics. (With the help of this website you can bring the social injustice).

In society if any one threatens the other persons, or if any one tries to fear other by warning them not to tell about their mistakes and moreover, you can bring to our notice about the things in the society such as barbaric, bad incidents, Persons, places and about illegal activities. Whatever it may be you can bring to public notice with dare with the help of this website.

Even in a village, or in mandal, city, where ever it may be if you know or you come across the injustice,  so please inform the information to concerned authorities without any fear.

There are many numbers of offenses in the society. Nobody is trying to bring those offenses to the notice of people. Everybody had a responsibility to come before the society with a dare to give awareness about the illegal activities that are done by anti-social elements. If everybody come with dare so that the person who was affected with an evil action can get justified. Illegal persons should stand before the society and get punished.

So, if want to be part of social justice so you a need helpful way. Our website is one of helpful ways.

Everyone, everywhere, every time can tell about the illegal persons living in the society to considered authorities.

In society we see different incidents, situations, and the persons. Some incidents can take place without our notice. If these incidents are good no problem, but if any one person tries to make bad to people or to the society we should not sit idle. We may get many doubts such whom am I to stop this?  This is wrong attitude. If we go with this type of wrong attitude then we will be in big loss.  So we should step forward with daring and dashing attitude.  Our responsibility is to move the society in a right path.  So there is a need of such right path that is none other than this website.

Please inform about the bad incidents to higher officials that you seen and listen which are true in villages or cities or wherever it may be. So by this they can get punished.  So please help them and use this website as a right path.

The main theme of our website is whenever crime or bad incidents took place which are unknown to others or if any person is facing any discrimination in various modules such as society, regions, groups, institutions, persons, etc..,

If we get notice that any bad incidents took place in society, regions, group’s institutions, persons. As soon as we get noticed about these incidents, we should inform to concerned authorities that in this way that you got noticed. So in this way we help them in our own way.

The main theme of this website is to guide the persons in a right direction. You may belong to one industry or any region or related to any government department. Suppose if you get noticed about some wrongful things such as corruption, injustice, prostitution, mental torches, Adultery or physically torched whatever it may be. Will u keep quite???  By seeing those bad incidents in front of you???  No

In that situation you should show your braveness by complaining against the wrongful person who is responsible for that illegal or evil action. In this process of becoming brave you need follow one friendly right path. This path is none other than this website. So you need to approach our website with the good attitude that helps the society in many ways.

We should not hesitate while complain about the evil persons responsible for wrongful things in society such as injustice, prostitution, robbery, corruption etc.., If you know about such wrongful things compulsory you should bring notice to public.

Now-a-days the government employees working in various departments are taking bribes and doing some illegal works but nobody is ready to bring notice to concerned authority to take action against that particular persons. With so many reasons the people are not doing this because of fear, death fear, greed, incompetent, and thinking that what is the need to fight against them??  Etc.,

so don’t feel shame or guilty that somebody is listening or observing you closely and with this shame or guilty feeling how many days you will keep quit by suppressing yourself???.  Every citizen responsibility is to help the society in your own way make it to walk in good and right path. With the help of this website you can do what you want. So you should utilize this web site in your own way.

So many incidents will take place every day but we able to see only few with our own eyes such as taking bribes, murders, corruption in government departments, dark side of politics, about mental torture are some of the few incidents that we get notice every day, or maybe in every place where we work or we visit often. Why should we leave them and who are responsible for these illegal acts? So we should raise our voice against these persons.

We should tell about the evil action to the notice of society as well as higher officials.  We should fight against all evil actions and evil people who are responsible crimes in society with the help of LAW.  Before law every person is equal. Courts punishes wrongful. We should step forward to see a good society. So you step forward in dare sure other persons get inspire by you and follow your path. As a result you see a happy and good society. For this you should need a right path. One of the right paths is visiting this website.